A vacuum tube collector delivers more benefits

1The very high energy yield throughout the year lowers your heating costs and allows for quick amortization.

2You increase your independence from fossile fuels and contribute to the reduction of the CO2 output.

3With the use of renewable energy you take up a leadership role.

4The use of Swiss Premium Collectors delivers a high investment security.

5You extend the life expectancy of your existing heating system.

Illustration Solarhaus

AVacuum tube collectors – Easiest mounting on the roof – optically pleasing.

BHeating elements – suitable for radiators as well as floor heating.

CHot water – eco-friendly production of hot water.

DExisting heating system / possible combinations – The vacuum tube collector solar system allows for combination with any existing heating system.

EHot water tank – The use of vacuum tube collectors allows for smaller hot water tanks.

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