• Herzlich Willkommen bei AMK SOLAC Systems AG
    Herzlich Willkommen bei AMK SOLAC Systems AG
  • Energiestadtfest 10. Mai 2014
    Energiestadtfest 10. Mai 2014
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    Besuchen Sie uns an unserem Stand an der Bahnhofstrasse.
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Welcome to AMK SOLAC Systems AG

Swiss Premium Collectors

We are a swiss company, using quality, innovation and sustainable thinking to develop solutions which save our energy resources and a long lasting positive effect on our environment.  

As pioneers in vacuum tube technology we distinguish ourselves by more than 20 years experience in research, development and distribution. 

AMK SOLAC Systems AG distributes the brand internationally. In Switzerland AMK SOLAC Systems AG is market leader with a share of 70% in vacuum tube collectors.

In more than 20 countries we have distribution partners. The product range starts from the economic universal collectors up to the well known premium collectors of the OPC series


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